Transport Policy

Where the entrusted HTT Holding Co. Ltd. or HTT Holding Co. Ltd. branch (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") as the transport agent of the shipper to recognize the following terms of each endorsement, as a joint compliance, and has the force of law agreement Conditions, the terms are not changed, since the date of signing by the sender and the carrier confirmed the date of entry into force.

First, the waybill:

1, the company's waybill is prepared for the shipper, with the contractual, non-negotiable waybill. Shipper to ensure that the consignment under the consignment of the owner or owner of the commission agent, when the shipper in the name of the article owner or agent to fill in this waybill, and sign or seal that accept and comply with the waybill The terms of the endorsement fill out the contents of this waybill and be protected by law.

2. The shipper agrees that the sender of the shipper shall send the shipments in his name and shall assume that he has obtained the permission of the shipper (whether or not to leave the company in the future) and assume the obligations of the shipper or consignee as provided for in these Terms of Responsibility And responsibility.

Second, the responsibility and commitment of the shipper and the carrier:

1, the shipper and his agent to ensure the truthful declaration of the commissioned delivery of goods, to ensure its compliance with national laws and transport sector can accept, not in the international and domestic transport sector embargo, and to ensure the shipment of goods in line with the transshipment Customs, entry and exit customs and the relevant state laws and regulations, and belong to the company's list of items carried. Otherwise, all adverse consequences will be the responsibility of the shipper, as a result of the shipper in violation of the provisions of all losses caused by the shipper.

2, All items entrusted to be handed over to our company should be properly packaged, and the packaging must meet the requirements of safe transport of goods. The special requirements of the goods (such as important items, fragile items, fragile items, etc.), the shipper Special packing should be done and special instructions or actual price-keeping measures should be given to the carrier in advance. Special notes should be given in the remarks column of the waybill.

3, each vote delivery of the item, the shipper must use the official Chinese characters (international documents in English) to complete the details of the shipper and the consignee (such as company name, department, address, house number, contact Telephone, city, country, recipient's full name, etc.) and the details of the goods (such as name, quantity, weight, if necessary, also provide the composition of the goods, value, etc.), and to ensure that this waybill information on the checked The description of the item matches the actual. If the sender of the goods mark is not clear or fill in the wrong information or provide information missing due to delays in the delivery of goods, or additional costs incurred by the sender, the sender at their own responsibility, the Company shall not be responsible.

4, Where the goods handed over to the Company, the company does not count the number of items, breakdown (if the sender requests to count the items breakdown, the company will charge additional operating costs, as appropriate), the company is not responsible for any errors ; Delivery of international courier, the sender must provide the correct English box packing details and commercial invoice, if not provided as authorized I Division to declare on behalf of, as a result of declaration of customs deductions, transit delivery delays, etc. Division will not assume the related responsibilities and costs.

5, the shipper acknowledges that the company reserves the right to retain, give up or refuse to express way not suitable for transport, the shipper intentionally or unintentionally conceal the true name and value of the goods, fake and shoddy, national laws prohibit the carrying, mailing, shipping items. In case of violation, the shipper is willing to assume all the legal and financial liability arising therefrom.

6, the shipper and his agents guarantee the acceptance and payment of the Company announced or both signed the effective amount of freight tariffs and related packaging, storage and return shipping costs.

7, the shipper has the responsibility to notify the receiving customer in advance face to face acceptance of express mail, send pieces of the recipient customers (whether or not to receive the customer I sign) without any objection and have done sign, as express mail normal delivery receipt; and after the shipper Or its recipient customers and then objection, the company shall not be responsible. Pieces refuse to sign, the recipient of the receipt of the customer should be on the invoice and other valid documents indicate the reasons and time of rejection, and sign.

8, the company based on the original fee based on customer requirements, the need for insurance according to the declared actual value (that is, the amount of insurance) plus 1% premium.

Third, the right to be informed of the goods being carried:

The Company reserves the right to know the nature of the goods being carried, the quantity and weight of the names, etc. The Company reserves the right to inspect the carried items at the request of relevant government departments and transportation departments or consider it necessary to assist the relevant government departments and transportation departments The carrier of the goods for investigation.

Fourth, the right to stay by the carrier of goods:

The Company shall not be liable to be paid by the shipper or its authorized agent for any freight charges, fares, fines or other receivables and shall be entitled to place the goods for carriage without the prior guarantee of the validity of the shipper or its authorized agent Retains the right to recover the shipper and his attorney, and will not be liable for any loss arising therefrom.

Fifth, responsible for the terms:

1, the Company due to force majeure [such as government, customs deductions, war, riots, inclement weather, airport closures, flight cancellations or delays, missed flights, crashes, fires, floods and natural or human Serious disasters and various circumstances beyond the control of the Company or confiscation caused by the shipper, etc., shall not be responsible for the delay, destruction, loss or confiscation of the goods caused by the shipments.

2. The Company shall not be liable for any indirect losses or other non-subjective losses caused by the delay, destruction, loss or confiscation of the goods, including but not limited to loss of income of the consignee, loss of profits, Actual use or market loss, whether or not the Company is aware of the potential loss suffered.

3, the Company for any of the following reasons for the delay in the delivery of goods, shipping errors and losses are not liable:

(1) due to the shipper's reasons, such as the address fill in the wrong or incomplete; recipient address change or unreachable area.

(2) Since the items entrusted by the shipper are in violation of the relevant state policies and laws, the articles that are shipped by the shipper itself are inflammable, explosive, easily contaminated, corrosive and poisonous, all kinds of powder, water and other contraband.

(3) Various losses due to unidentified and improper packaging by the shipper prior to delivery of the item.

Sixth, the compensation limit:

1. The international express delivery of goods before the carrier, the occurrence of loss, damage, by the party according to the declared value or three times the freight compensation to Party B.

2. Cross-border e-commerce registered parcel normal Internet access after the occurrence of all the damage are not compensated, not lost before the Internet, damage compensation standards according to the declared value but not exceeding 10 US dollars / one, at the same time returned shipping costs, the Company does not accept additional Requirements; Parcel does not accept any payment, query requirements.

3. After the delivery of the goods to the carrier, the loss, damage compensation claims under the "Warsaw Convention", according to the commercial invoice provided by the value of the declared value of B, but the maximum cargo does not exceed USD100.00 yuan / ticket, the highest document Not more than USD10 yuan / ticket, Party B must within the limitation of claim, in accordance with the requirements of Party A to provide a variety of relevant documents to handle the claim.

4. Party B may need to purchase international cargo transport insurance if it exceeds the compensation standards stipulated in the Warsaw Convention. Party B may also entrust Party A to purchase international cargo transportation insurance. Party A may purchase the foreign exchange at the lowest rate of three-thousandths and up to one-thousandths Eight; counterfeit products not covered by the insurance company insured, B on their own products whether infringement and contravention should bear full responsibility.

5. After the goods are delivered to the destination country by the carrier, if the deduction, fines, fines and other circumstances result in the delay or loss, belonging to the governmental organizations and the legal process of the destination country, equivalent to force majeure, Party B shall not request for any reason Party A take responsibility.

6. After the goods have been delivered to the destination country by the carrier, if the recipient does not cooperate with the customs clearance or refusal to pay customs duties generated by the storage fees, destruction fees, mandatory return shipping will be unconditional payment by B.

7. Tariffs are obligations that citizens of any country must fulfill. Express customs clearance in international transport is a random sample of taxpayers. There may be a tax exemption or a low tax chance. However, recipients pointed by Party B or Party B may not assign "possible Duty-free and low-tax opportunities "as a general form, once the tax is generated, no excuse should be used to refuse to pay. When the recipient refuses to pay, it will be unconditionally paid by Party B.

8. Compensation In the unfinished processing, the service fees that have occurred need to be paid on time. When both parties confirm the final compensation conditions, the compensation amount will be offset against the service fee for the month in which the processing is completed.

Party B shall not use Party A to engage in illegal activities such as smuggling and foreign exchange fraud; otherwise, all the consequent consequences shall be borne by Party B. Party A shall bear the liability for compensation if Party A causes economic losses.

Seventh, claims:

1. The goods to the date of issue, such as within 15 days inquiries online without any information, customers can send a claim letter to our company to claim;

2. Claims applications must be accompanied by shipping information, such as the tracking number, recipient's name, recipient's address, date of dispatch, name of goods, and declared value of shipment;

3. Compensation claims need to be submitted within 15 days after the date of delivery within 40 days, from the date of sending more than 40 days the package does not accept claims for compensation;

The compensation time is about 15 days;

5. Cross-border e-commerce registration packet at, you can check the transport information, if not successfully delivered inquiries and survey delivery time of 2 months.

Eighth, Inquiries:

commissioned by the company's goods, any inquiry must be made within 30 days from the date of receipt; more than 30 days, will be regarded as the shipper has authorized the company commissioned the delivery of the goods normally completed the entire process and The consignee has no objection, the company will not be accepted.

Ninth, Prohibited Articles:

The Company declares that the articles not to be transported: rare live animals, dead bodies, frozen dangerous goods, narcotics, munitions, corrosive chemicals, inflammable and explosive materials, precious works of art, highly toxic drugs, antiques , Stamps, gold and silver jewelery, radioactive materials, cash and securities, obscene articles, virus and bacterial specimens, and any items prohibited by national policy and law from being transported.

Tenth, the scope of application:

1. The above terms apply to all companies or other designated agents who have the right to use the registered trademark and operating agency of the Company.

2, All agreements between us and the shipper shall be in accordance with the interests of both parties and the relevant laws and regulations of the state. Any dispute under this agreement shall be settled through friendly negotiation between both parties. If the negotiation fails, it shall be submitted to the people's court of the place where the Company is located for litigation.

3, the delivery to the Chinese mainland business in accordance with the People's Republic of postal industry standard "courier service" of the limited liability; Mainland China and other countries or regions, these terms outstanding, in accordance with the international "Warsaw Pact" limited liability to protect Interests of both parties.