Return Policy

Commitment to meet the following conditions, the date of sale by the product (subject to the actual receipt date) can be returned within 7 days, 15 days can be replaced, customers can submit online applications for repairs or contact with the mall's customer service center for return:

Three Guarantees national functional requirements of the fault:

1. Specified by the manufacturer or authorized service center test confirmed and issued a test report.

2. Loss of goods or missing cases:

Logistics loss refers to the damage caused during transport, leakage, broken, performance failure, the sales staff verify the situation is true (during the courier may need to prove or require you to provide physical photos, etc., so that after-sale staff to make prompt judgments in a timely manner), Unconditional return policy.

3. Judge the actual receipt date rules:

All orders to the third-party logistics platform shows the actual arrival date shall prevail.

Special note, the following circumstances do not apply for return:

1. Any non-the company to sell the goods (serial number does not match);

2. For the insurance products (more than three warranty period of the goods);

3. Unauthorized repairs, misuse, collision, negligence, abuse, flooding, accident, alteration, improper installation of the product caused by quality problems, or tear, altered stickers, machine serial number, anti-counterfeit labels;

4. Packaging, accessories, gifts (coupon) (need to be returned together with the main product), the manual is incomplete, (coupon) invoice missing or altered;

5. Sealed the original product packaging open (such as a one-time seal or tape seal was opened);

6. The product is used.