Demand of IoT Device(smart household items and wear)

Enterprise unit(the group internal and external card)

Special groups(private groups, associations, etc.)

Personal(travel, business trip)


1.More than 200 milion migrant workers in 2016, average income reached 2500RMB/month, most of them lack of a fixed network so that them choose using mobile internet for entertainment listening to music, watching movies, due to the traditional mobile phone charges, high traffic charges, can't continue to binge-watching, can't keep long time contact with their family and carry out complex social activities.So we launched a targeted large-volume packages.

2.Introduction of the flow of tour packages: to meet the consumer demand for large flow; to solve the fear of high prices for consumers; based on the results of market research, set up a large flow package, and within a few months to provide "automatic recharge" services to solve the problem of broken network.

3.According to CBES data, in recent years, the daily arrival rate of business people on the Internet has risen year by year. The mobile Internet, mobile TV, mobile newspapers and other wireless - the application of new media also showed rapid growth momentum.