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signature algorithm:  

(1)  All request parameters are sorted in ascending order by parameter names; 

(2)  Compose a string by interconnecting the requested parameter name and parameter value:


(3)  Add the application key to the head and tail of the above request parameter string, respectively:<apikey><Request parameter string><apikey>; 

(4)  MD5 signature for this string, 32 lowercase characters; 

(5)  The signature value is sent to the API server with the sign parameter and other request parameters. 

The hypothetical parameters are as follows:






According to the signature algorithm, first, all parameter names and parameter values are assembled into a string according to the alphabetical order of the parameter name: 


Suppose that AgentID (a0001) apikey (application key) is "ABCDEF", then add ABCDEF to the head and tail of the above request parameter string. 


The MD5 signature operation for the above string is obtained.2c87eb59e5622e29b262737d8a2c5611

Finally, the client can use the following URL request string to initiate a request for the service method


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