About us

HTT Holding Co., Ltd.It is a close partner of the domestic operators and large traffic cards is a company that focuses on the communication and service solutions of the Internet of things.

The company focuses on providing large flow card, network card platform and interface support, communication module sales and so on. It has established a deep cooperative relationship with a number of communication module merchants and the POS operators of the program intelligent hardware factory.

As a global composite digital service provider, HTT has been providing services for the growing global digital consumption not only with mobile communication, access service for internet of things(IoT) and M2M included, but also seamless and reliable connected intelligent terminal and products as well as digital services. HTT also provide professional full-life cycle industry services and consulting such as solutions, products and system structure, chip and module design, electronic manufacturing services, operating and delivery, for domestic and foreign customers and strategic partners. It is estimated that the active number of IoT devices will exceed 40 million in 2018, and will achieve 1% of IoT global share in 2020.

1.Long term cooperation between domestic operators and Internet of things business

2.Suppliers in regular channels

3.Official support for operators

4.Service platform and interface API can be provided



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